What’s in the book?

A common question has been “What’s in the book?”. Here is the full Table of Contents. As you can see, there’s a lot of useful (and fun!) information in addition to those 200 photos.


1. Getting Ready


  • What to bring with your own boat
  • What to bring if you’re renting a boat
  • The sea routes are shallow
  • Where to start
  • What to bring anyway
  • Watch out


  • Sea marks
  • Nautical charts
  • Digital plotters

2. Marinas and Harbours

  • Mariehamn West
  • Degerby
  • Bomarsund
  • Sottunga
  • Kökar Sandvik
  • Houtskari Näsby
  • Utö
  • Jurmo
  • Vänö
  • Högsåra
  • Kasnäs
  • Hanko

3. Trip Preparation

Boat Rental

  • Things to consider
  • Renting a bare boat
  • Renting a boat with skipper

Arriving with your own boat

  • Things to consider


  • Stay connected
  • Using your mobile phone in Finland
  • Service available with VHF
  • Navigation and maps
  • Weather forecasts

Sauna & Manners

  • Sauna
  • Things to remember
  • What to do in sauna
  • What NOT to do in sauna
  • Finnish flag
  • The everyman’s right
  • Marina etiquette


  • Where to shop
  • Services

4. Weather

  • When to come
  • Sun and daylight
  • Wind and storm
  • Temperature
  • Rain, fog and thunder
  • Sea water level
  • Weather forecasts
  • Internet resources

5. Environment

  • The closest trash bin is in your boat
  • Roska-Roope garbage collection
  • Septic holding tank is obligatory in Finland
  • Conservation of the environment

6. Cooking and Barbecue

Preparations before the trip

  • Shopping list
  • The Finnish alcohol monopoly (Alko)
  • Regarding the disposable grills
  • Water

Before the storm

Chief’s special

Grilled salmon

Chicken burger

Finnish sausage

Rainy day barbecue bars

Healthy food

  • Feta tomato pasta

Little snacks

  • Mervi’s bonjour bread
  • Nectarine boats
  • Dark bread with smoked fish
  • Local delicatessen


  • Finnish pancakes
  • Strawberries with ice cream

7. Phone Numbers and Dictionary

This book is available in the bookshops throughout Finland and Åland. You can also order the book by contacting me directly. In case they no longer have stock, the hard cover print version is also available (on-demand printing) with this link and an instantly available e-book version is available with this link.

The book “Sailing in Finland” is written for passionate sailors, who want to explore the world-famous Finnish Archipelago and find out how beautiful and powerful the sea can be. My photos show you how it looks like, but you really have to experience it yourself. More than 230 beautiful photos. Ten harbours highlighted. Recipes for barbecue and cooking. Advice on practical matters. Info on the everyman’s right. And more!