It’s time to start planning


Even though it’s not evident when walking on the frozen sea, the summer is evidently approaching. Soon you’ll be planning and dreaming of your upcoming trip more and more. You can find many resources in the Internet but it’s always a good idea to have harbour books, sea charts and such as well. If you’re arriving to Finland with your own boat, it’s a good idea to get those books right now. Even if you’re planning to rent a boat, it’s pretty good investment even if you get the books and some charts of your own – you can get so much more out of your trip if you’re well planned. Regarding the sea charts the iPad marine maps are also a good addition.

The new book “Sailing in Finland” is now available at (hardcover print book and ebook), in the major bookstores in Finland and – of course! – in some of my favourite harbours. It’s now the perfect time to get the book and start planning!

Download the ebook now! Or get the beautilful hard cover print book. There are several other places to buy the book as well!

The book “Sailing in Finland” is written for passionate sailors, who want to explore the world-famous Finnish Archipelago and find out how beautiful and powerful the sea can be. My photos show you how it looks like, but you really have to experience it yourself. Almost 200 beautiful photos. Twelve harbours highlighted. Receipes for barbecue and cooking. Advice on practical matters. Info on the everyman’s right. And more!