A Real Cover Story

cropped-banner-sailing-boat.jpgA funny thing happened. You’ve all seen this picture as the cover of my book, a beautiful scene somewhere in the Finnish archipelago. Well, to more precise, somewhere between Helsingholmen and Gullkrona fjärden. I took this picture in June 2012 when the wind quite suddenly almost disappeared, and it was kind of magical moment.

I eventually decided it’s going to be the cover picture for my upcoming book. The book was published in May 2015 and was soon available not only online, but also in Jurmo Inn, Jurmo harbour, Kökar Sandvik and Mariehamns Bokhandel. Klas Mattsson was one of the first ones to put my book for sale in his harbout shop in Jurmo. The season starts. Then one day, the skipper of the boat pictured in the book walks in the shop and sees their boat as the cover picture. And then they become one of the first buyers of the book!

Later Helen sent me an email. She explains how they have been sailing in the Finnish Archipelago since 1979, and come back almost every summer for six to eight weeks. Her friends were delighted over the fact that their boat was as the Cover Boat in my book. Helsingholmen has been one of their favourite destinations for Midsummer. So if you see s/y Crescendo in Finland, it’s this boat in the picture!

The book “Sailing in Finland” is written for passionate sailors, who want to explore the world-famous Finnish Archipelago and find out how beautiful and powerful the sea can be. My photos show you how it looks like, but you really have to experience it yourself. More than 230 beautiful photos. Ten harbours highlighted. Receipes for barbecue and cooking. Advice on practical matters. Info on the everyman’s right. And more!