Read about Sauna & Manners to prepare your trip

Sauna is an important part of the Finnish culture. It’s useful to know the basic do’s and don’ts.

Photo: Vihta (a bath whisk) to be used in sauna2011-06-16 at 17-43-45

Sauna is part of the Finnish tradition, and therefore in the guest harbours you will find saunas, which you can either rent or use on specific hours. There are really no rules (unlike some people claim the traditional Finnish Sauna to have). For example, you can throw water (“löyly”) to the stove when ever you like, even in the electric sauna. When it comes to the sauna routine, the basic approach is shower, sauna, rest, sauna and wash, but the best advice is to simply imitate the locals. Many Finns also believe that you should behave in sauna as you would in church, though with less clothing.

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